UFC 2012 Topps UFC Knockout Trading Cards (Pack of 8) review

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Each pack has 3 Topps 2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards; 1 UCF Base Gold Parallel and 1 Auto, Relic or Auto Relic. The blockbuster of last year returns with 2012 UFC Knockout assures 2 signed relics, 2 autographs, as well as 4 relics in every box! Every hit is sequentially phoned number, as well as new Fist-o-Graph cards differ anything collection agencies have ever before seen prior to. OVER-SIZED BOX LOADER: Fist-o-Graph Box Loader Autographs 10 fighters will certainly authorize an all-new, neverbefore-seen sort of card! On an oversized card, UFC as well as Strikeforce competitors will certainly authorize an on-card autograph, along with ink up their clenched fist and also inscribe the card with a clenched fist print! Numbered to 5! Base Cards: 100 of the premier boxers in the sport, consisting of energetic super stars, retired legends, fresh rising stars, and Strikeforce competitors. Autograph Relic Cards – 2 each box Autograph Cards – 2 each box Relic Cards – 4 each box