Surf Typhoon Wake Gate Wake Device!! Sale Price! review

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The "Surf Typhoon" will take wake surfing to a whole new level . 
 Over 1500+ units sold! Currently on our winter sale price for $140.00! Sale ends May 31st 2017! Original price of $149.99 
 This new innovative device creates the perfect surf behind any tow or wakeboard boat. A lot of our competitors wake-gates go for $500+.. Our Surf Typhoon delivers the same results and For only a fraction of the price! It's simple to use and works for both goofy and regular footed riders. simply attach to the side of you're boat and you're ready to go! Its that easy! 
 We have strategically tested the Surf Typhoon from a 40° angle all the way to 95° angle to figure for the best wake possible. as shown in the images, are the results with the surf Typhoon installed on both sides of the boat. With this new device there is no longer a need to load the boat with a ton of weight, or move everyone to one side of the boat for the perfect surf. with the Surf Typhoon, any boat can have a big wave with no hassle! 
 the Surf Typhoon is made from quality marine HDPE that will withstand any harsh environment and is meant to for the water! it can withstand 220 lbs of pressure to ensure it wont detach from the boat. comes with a FREE safety rope an hook that attaches to the device, to ensure you don't drop it upon installing, as this unit does not Float.