Slingshot Wakeboarding 2017 Butter Bar review

  • 2016 Slingshot Butter Bar
  • 2017 Slingshot Wakesurf Line
  • Slingshot Butter Bar Wakesurf Board - 2016
  • 2017 Slingshot Valley
  • 2018 Slingshot Wake
  • 2017 ANGRY SWALLOW - Modern All Around Performance
  • 2017 KAROLINA PRO - Rip Like A Chick!
  • 2015 Slingshot Ankle Biter
  • Slingshot Celerits, T-Rex Wakesurfer, Ankle Biter
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The Butter Bar is a pin-tail, skim-style board that appeals to riders of all ability levels. The Butter Bar's low volume makes it the easiest board in our lineup to submerge, which helps when learning or teaching deep-water starts. Once it is up and cruising, the board has a fast glide speed and great stability, which maximizes the riders chance of surfing solo (without the aid of a rope). For more advanced riders, the Butter Bar is an excellent board for learning spins, shuvits and skate-style tricks and is an excellent option on smaller size waves when other boards lose their luster.