Pure Wool and Silk Meditation Mats ( Asana ) review

  • Hand Woven Yoga Mats Vancouver, BC | Eco-Friendly | Kaarigar Handicrafts

Hand made in pure wool and pure silk these asanas are made with love for seekers of the bliss of freedom. As per the shastras (sacred scriptures) there are three different variants of asanas: White represents peace and bliss; Red is for power and control and Yellow / Gold is for wealth (over all richness of life). The Asana / Seat can be placed in your home or office and could well be rolled and carried while travelling. Gift one to yourself or your loved ones and gain the blessings of gratitude. As per the scriptures, sitting posture and comfort while sitting in one state over an extended period of time are as essential as the very intention of meditation. In fact, preparation to embark on your quest is as significant as your journey itself. Masters of Meditation recommend that the asana ideally should be of pure wool, as it retains the spiritual energy of the self over prolonged usage.