Pele Fire Hoop Wicks review

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Our Pele Fire Hoop Wicks will certainly take your typical hula hoop and turn it right into a scorching ring of fire!
Our attachable fire hoop wicks are made from all stainless-steel parts, high performance kevlar wick as well as just take a minute to attach to your hoop. They affix to nearly any type of kind of tubing as much as 1.1" O.D. Just put the tubing via the clamp and also tighten it down, it's really fast and easy.
The folded wick layout permits optimum melt time without the added weight of way too much wick. This wick design likewise enables the wick to spin on the cord, hence drastically enhancing the life-span of your wicks!
▹ Made from corrosion resistant stainless-steel ⇰ Many sizes offered to fit your hoop. ▹ Flexible yet tough cable television spinal column layout ▹ Measures 5" long from hoop to edge of spinal column ▹ LIFETIME service warranty from date of acquisition! ▹ Comes with FREE driver tool. You can additionally make use of a quarter or dime to tighten the wicks to the hoop.
★ SIZING ★ We have a range of sizes to fit your hoop wonderful and snug. Please make sure to properly gauge the OD of your tubes. ▹ 1.1" OD ▹ 3/4" OD ▹ 5/8" OD ▹ Universal – (fits approximately 7/8" tubing. When made use of on smaller diameter tubes there will be a mild "tail" that sticks out.).
★ FREE SHIPPING ★ Free shipping for all domestic orders.
✔ Super FAST & FREE shipping ✔ Questions? Simply ask, we will get back to you in 24 hrs or much less. ✔ Loved & Trusted for over 10 years!
Exactly what are you awaiting? Go click that "purchase now" button on top of the web page and fall in love with your new fire hoop wicks!