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The 18 Inch Aqua Punching Bag weighs about 120 pounds when filled but only 12 pounds when shipped and the 21 inch heavy punching bag weighs about 190 when filled and only 15 pounds when shipped. The Aqua Training Bag's unique shell design and water filling provides a sensation similar to making contact with the human body when striking it. Your energy is absorbed into its internal housing, allowing you to train longer and harder with more powerful combinations. Now you can learn how to punch through an object instead of simply hitting its surface. Versatile – The unique tear drop shape allows the user to deliver powerful combinations including deep uppercuts. Feels like you're hitting the Human Body – Traditional heavy-bags are usually filled with sand, recycled cloth and foam padding. Traditional heavy-bags are usually encased in black leather or a cheap plastic outer shell. The Aqua Training Bag does not incorporate any padding or fillers at all. In fact, the skin is composed of a durable but flexible material that when hit feels like you're striking a human body. Multipurpose – The Aqua Training Bag is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Having this flexibility allows the user to expand their gym to the outdoors. Long Lasting – The Aqua Training Bag is designed to last and is guaranteed for 2 years. It will feel the same years from now as the first day you hit it, no settling or hard spots even after years of use.